Serving Nelsons and Tasmans Regions For 100 years.

Tasman Monuments and Headstones offers a range of services some of which are listed below.

Customized Headstones
Make that headstone for your loved one be a monument to them and the person that they were. The possibilites are endless.
Sandblasting is a technique that is used to inscribe surface on different material, using this technique we can achieve a range of different finishes and images.
Lazer Etching
Lazer Etching allows us to place very fine details onto granite, wood or metal plaques.
Glass Etching
Glass Etching or "French embossing" is a common technique used around the world. Here at Tasman Monuments and Headstones we use the Sandblasted method. This can be used for any glass such as windows, doors, splashbacks, glassware.
Repairing Existing Memorials
Whether its a historical monument or the headstone of a loved one, when possible we can repair it. If its made from stone, or granite let us look at it for you.
There is more to this than just a quick paint job. At Tasman Monuments and Headstones we take time and care to do the best job possilbe. From stripping it back to basic's, treating the stone to help eliminate moss to fully repainting, reinstalling it and bringing it back to life.