Planning A Memorial

Nelsons / Tasmans Monuments and Headstone Shop.


When planning your memorial a number of considerations need to be taken into account such as cemetery regulations, Type of Material, Size, Height, Width and Shape.

At Tasman Monuments our friendly staff will be able to advise you on the regulations within your local area/cemetery.

Headstone Size:

Do you want a stone that is eye catching?
Do you want for a more modest, tradional design?
Council by-laws can influence memorial size - don't be afraid to ask us for advice. By-laws permitting, you can plan your headstone as large or as small as your budget allows.

A normal range for many standard headstones will be in between 700 x 550mm and 900 x 900mm. Smaller memorials range from the basic cremation stone at 500 x 400mm to a 600 x 450mm.

Custom-made stones tend to be in the larger range.

Plaques can be in any size required and can be shaped to individual needs. 

Granite Colour:

There are many colours available in granite however not all granites are suited for the outside environment. Darker colours are traditionally used as they give a very good contrast for the lettering and artwork. Our staff will be able to assist you in picking the right colour..

Headstone Shape:

At Tasman Monuments we encourage families to design their own headstones and we can create memorials to fit your needs. Custom made headstones and memorials can be any colour available, any shape that it is physically possible to make in stone and all are top quality. Custom made memorials will normally take between 3-4 months to have ready as many involve skilled carving. Please allow PLENTY of time  if an unveiling is planned.

Granite Finish:

A polished finish on your memorial will stay pristine for years with a minimum of maintenance.

Rock edging brings a natural stone feel to a headstone, but requires more looking after - as the finish tends to attract lichen. Ground / punched finish gives a smooth unpolished look but like rocking will require slightly more maintenance.

Ceramic photo tiles offers a manufacturers warranty of 100 years. The surface of this Ceramic photo tiles is so hard and dense lichen will not grow on it and it is impermeable to water. For enduring memorials the perfect combination is a Ceramic photo tiles panel inset into a polished granite stone - the BEST of both worlds - modern and traditional all together.

Memorial Base:

Bases can come in a variety of shape and sizes Curved, square, sloping fronts.The base of your memorial can also include flower vases. You may also wish to inscribe the base with a name, sentiment, or design. 


We have a selection of vases to choose from.  The main colours being Gold, Silver or Bronze. 

Plan your Memorial Inscription:

We will be happy to help you plan your inscription. Please remember to bring details such as date of birth, date of passing, relationship to spouse and family, and a suitable sentiment (we can help with suggestions). We also have a large selection of Epitaphs, Sentiments & other suitable Verses for your Memorial. You may wish to add a floral tribute or personalised design - both of which can significantly enhance a memorial.

Inscriptions are normally highlighted in Gold, white or silver colours. GOLD is 23 carat gold leaf.

Ceramic Photo:

Colour or black and white photos can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes. A standard size for most memorials is 8 x 10cm. Supply of a photo takes approximately 3 weeks.  Tasman Monument staff can make adjustments to photo's if required.

For the extra large photos Ceramic - Photo Tiles is the option these can be shaped to suit, multiple photos overlaid and words can be included. Photo Tiles can be up to 800 x 800mm.

Customised Artwork:

We encourage people to design their own artwork or use our artist's talents. 


We can assist with a wide range of suitable verse & sentiments to compliment your text. We have hundreds of epitaphs but the very best ones are the poems and words inspired by family. These reflect your own feelings and we can add large poems if needed. Ceramic photo tiles panels allow for very large inscription options - we have used newsprint sized text that is clear and readable.

Installing Your Memorial:

Public cemeteries are regulated heavily now so few unskilled people are allowed to install headstones and memorials in council operated cemeteries any more. Tasman Monuments supply a full installation service within the area described above. Outside this are we can arrange with our Nationwide co-operative of HEADSTONES SHOPS to have a memorial installed.